the secure PHP framework

View library

The view library extends the XML library.


  • mode (rw): Output mode: null, "ajax", "xml", "json", "restxml", "restjson".
  • language (rw): Value of the language META tag in the HTML output.
  • description (rw): Value of the description META tag in the HTML output.
  • keywords (rw): Value of the keywords META tag in the HTML output.
  • title (rw): Value of the TITLE tag in the HTML output
  • inline_css (rw): Value of the STYLE tag in the HTML output.
  • content_type (rw): Value of the Content-Type META tag in the HTML output.
  • layout (r): The layout stylesheet Banshee uses to render the HTML output. Possible sheets are views/includes/layout_*.xslt.
  • disabled (r): Tells whether Banshee will use the XSLT view or not. If disabled, all printed output will be send to the browser.
  • mobile (r): Tells if Banshee has detected a browser on a mobile phone or tablet.


  • disable():
    Disable the view library. All printed data will be sent to the client.
  • allow_hiawatha_cache():
    When using the Hiawatha webserver, you allow it to cache the output.
  • add_css($css):
    Add CSS file located in public/css to HTML output.
  • add_javascript($script):
    Add Javascript located in public/javascript to HTML output.
  • run_javascript($code):
    Run Javascript code upon HTML page load in browser.
  • add_alternate($title, $type, $url):
    Add alternate LINK tag to HTML output.
  • set_layout($layout):
    Use the layout file "view/banshee/layout_".$layout.".xslt".
  • add_system_message($message):
    Print message in green bar at top of HTML output.
  • add_system_warning($warning):
    Print warning in red bar at top of HTML output.
  • add_message($message):
    Add message to message buffer which can be shown via <xsl:call-template name="show_messages" />


$this->view->title "Item list";

$this->view->add_tag("item""Item 1");
$this->view->add_tag("item""Item 2");
$this->view->add_tag("item""Item 3");