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Is using sendmail dropin replacement "Nullmailer"

3 November 2017, 18:21
After frustration about getting email to work in Banshee some months ago, I took a break; now am back at it...

I still don't want to run my own mailserver. I got nullmailer (an SMTP MTA) working where I can send messages to myself via the command line. The only way I can get banshee to give a successful "message sent" message when registering for an account on my website is to have the sendmail -bs option included in my php.ini file. The -i, -t or other options give an error while sending email msg.

Whatever the banshee msg is, my mail.log gives an error on line 485? I'm not at the machine but it is near the bottom where the email is being sent. I am using Banshee 5.4

Am I trying to do the impossible or is there something simple I am missing? TIA
3 November 2017, 18:22
Forgot to include some info on nullmailer. Can be found here.
Hugo Leisink
5 November 2017, 20:22
How about configuring a remote SMTP server in php.ini. Should work.
6 November 2017, 18:08
I was under the (hopefully mis-) impression that is possible only on a Windows machine. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
7 November 2017, 07:49
Finally! I have it working. I thought that a line number (475) in the mail.log meant the program stopped because of an error at that spot. Looks like I was mistaken because my log had the same line number in it with the successful messages sends. I was expecting an exit at the last line when the whole program got executed. Lots to learn.

As far as why it works now.. Programs have a better chance of working as intended if proper permissions are given. I suppose it would have helped if I saw an error msg from nullmailer. Maybe it was there but I didn't look in the right spot.
Hugo Leisink
7 November 2017, 20:56
Good to hear it works!