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reroute seems not working

19 february 2018, 17:28
I upgraded from Banshee v6.1 to v6.2 by replacing the old one and keep the MySQL untouched. After the upgrade, everything working perfectly except the "reroute" module.

I click on the "reroute" icon in the control panel, it is hanging at a page of refreshing.

The debug.log showing :

Error message: Table 'banshee.reroute' doesn't exist

Any idea?
19 february 2018, 17:32
Meanwhile, I cannot find "reroute" table in mysql.sql under database directory.
Hugo Leisink
21 february 2018, 00:35
Ok, looks like I forgot to place it in mysql.sql. Sorry, will fix soon.
Hugo Leisink
21 february 2018, 14:41
I've updated the 6.2 package and the source at github with a new mysql.sql file. That should solve this issue.
Joe Schmoe
21 february 2018, 15:38
Solved for me. Thanks!
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