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6 March 2018, 20:14
I just installed banshee and you are missing a lot of modules I had to install hash, json, and a few others. You might want to recheck the modules. So others don't have to spend time. Not everyone knows what hash() or json() functions require what modules.
Hugo Leisink
6 March 2018, 21:25
There is no hash module (at least not in Ubuntu). I will add the JSON module to the installation documentation. Thanks!
7 March 2018, 22:53
My OS is FreeBSD so I have a few. Guess I should of mentioned that. if you want me to write a full howto for FreeBSD i can do that since im an active freebsd porter for hiawatha.
Hugo Leisink
8 March 2018, 09:25
That would be great!