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Configuration of banshee

21 April 2010, 23:30
Hiawatha version: 7.2
Operating System: Ubuntu 9.10
banshee version : 1.6

I just installed banshee 1.6.

(1) How to change the logo "banshee"? I cannot find where to change the logo. Where is the template of the logo?
(2) Does banshee support YouTube? I cannot do it with "Flash" embedded.
Hugo Leisink
22 April 2010, 13:19
(1) What logo? Banshee has no logo. Anyway, all page templates can be found in the 'views' directory. The main layout is in 'views/includes/layout_site.xslt'.
(2) There is nothing to support about YouTube. It's a whole different website. But, it is possible to include YouTube videos in a page. Just add the right tags to the page view. Embedding Flash is perfectly possible.
22 April 2010, 13:34
(1) I find it and changed the word "banshee" from the page.
(2) I can embedded the YouTube as an object. If there is more than 2 YouTube videos on the same page in F.A.Q., the placing of objects are in a mess. Please look into this matter.
Hugo Leisink
22 April 2010, 14:59
(2) Remember that it's a framework. It requires programming to adjust things to what you desire. If I prepare Banshee to satisfy everybody's need, I will end up with something as big and ugly as Joomla. If video's in the FAQ do not show up correctly, you have to use the right HTML tags to make it so. See Banshee as the foundation of your application. You build the rest.
22 April 2010, 15:36
Thank you for your advice.