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Cannot send Traditional Chinese by Contact module

12 May 2010, 14:58

Banshee version: 1.7
PHP version: 5.3.2
Webserver: hiawatha 7.2

My users sent me "Contact" message in Traditional Chinese to my gmail account. However, all the content are converted to "????" (question marks). I also test the "Contact" module myself with the same result. I checked the hiawatha and banshee are in UTF-8. I wonder why it does not sent UTF-8 characters especially Traditional Chinese.

Would you mind telling me how to solve this problem? Thanks.
12 May 2010, 17:15
After further investigation, the Banshee does not support a language that other than English, especially Traditional Chinese. :-(

However, after a quick scanning on the source codes, I have no idea where the problem is. Would you mind telling me how to fix it?

Thank you.
Hugo Leisink
15 May 2010, 10:57
Banshee supports UTF-8. I have no idea what the requirements are to support a language like chinese...