the secure PHP framework



The main focus of this framework is to be secure. Banshee is protected against common attacks like SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery and session hijacking. The framework takes care of authenticating users in a transparent and secure way. While many other frameworks claim to be secure, Banshee is one of the few consisting of provable secure code. Even after you change the code.


Although Banshee offers a lot of features and has everything a modern framework needs, it is very fast. Its lean MVC design and usage of XSLT for the view, result in very fast page generation. While it has an internal caching system for improved speed, it is still fast without it. Banshee has built-in support for Hiawatha's cache system to offer the same speed as a static website.

Easy to use

Ready to use modules like a forum, photo album or weblog will save web developers a lot of work when creating a new website. Easy to use libraries for e-mail, pagination, HTTP requests, database management, images, cryptography and many more are also included. Where possible, Banshee creates a transparent layer on top of the default PHP functionality. For example, you can use $_SESSION as you are used to. The Banshee session library takes care of the rest.