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Menu cannot be displayed under Google's Chrome

3 June 2010, 02:55

Banshee version: 1.7
PHP version: 5.3.2
Webserver: Hiawatha 7.2
Operating System: Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS

Google's Chrome cannot display Banshee's menu which includes Google Nexus One with Android 2.2. However, there is no problem under Firefox 3.6.3.

Any idea?
Hugo Leisink
3 June 2010, 08:21
I've just tested with the latest version of Chrome, but the menu shows up just fine. Can you give me some more details about the problem?
3 June 2010, 10:32
I do not know how to explain. Would you mind browse my site at here []?

Thank you.
Hugo Leisink
3 June 2010, 10:34
I've looked at your website and saw that the menu shows up fine with Google Chrome.
3 June 2010, 10:56
Really? I have tested it again with MeeGo Live DVD and Nexus One's browser but the menu cannot be showed up.

Any idea?