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newsletter.png not shown (or even requested)

Brian Tiffin
3 July 2017, 03:32
Hello, Hugo

I'm not really sure where to keep looking, or if I'm missing something obvious, but in the CMS the icon for Newsletter is not showing. Looking through the browser console, the image is not even requested from images/icons/newsletter.png (but the source shows a valid img src=)

Is this a rewrite routing issue? And if you don't mind a little newbie information request, what's the best checklist path for diagnosing and debugging such issues? By best, I guess I mean easiest on the brain, even if it includes more steps than necessary while coming to grips with Banshee. Willing to be told it's some weird local browser config issue, Seamonkey is the browser of choice here.

The problem shows up in a local install, and also in your (very nicely provided, thank you) Demo mode CMS view here.

It is not a big issue, just a mild annoyance, and an excuse to ask for some expert help while coming to grips with the MVC flow that is Banshee.

I even tried a copy of newsletter.png without the iCCP warning that is generated out of libpng 1.6+ with the stock image:
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
but that is not the issue at play here (I don't think).

Hugo Leisink
3 July 2017, 07:57
Have you tried a different computer and/or browser? At my system, the Newsletter icon shows up just fine. Never had any problem with that.
Brian Tiffin
3 July 2017, 08:12
Yeah, it's a local Seamonkey issue; I'll try and cypher through the browser debugger and see where it's tripping. I was willing to be told it was a site local problem, and yeah, now I have a Seamonkey mystery to unravel. <sarc mark>Yayy.</sarc mark>

Excuse the noise, Hugo.
Hugo Leisink
3 July 2017, 19:25
Not problem. Happy debugging!
3 July 2017, 20:53
Newsletter icon displays fine for me in Seamonkey 2.47 on this machine.