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Intallation in XAMPP

12 January 2018, 22:00
What should I configure to install banshee? I put the following route in the browser: http: //localhost/banshee/public/index.php and it says:
Banshee exception
Class 'xsltprocessor' not found
line 315 in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ banshee \ libraries \ core \ xml.php.

I can read through sublime text the file xml.php and on line 315 it is the following: $ processor = new \ xsltprocessor ();
$ processor-> importstylesheet ($ xslt);

I appreciate your recommendations, what should I do?
Hugo Leisink
12 January 2018, 22:04
My recommendation: read the INSTALL file which comes with Banshee. Specially the section 'Configure your webserver'.