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FYI. Installation error Bootstrap 4.0.0

22 February 2018, 00:35
Got the following error when when downloading Bootstrap 4. Reverted back to 3.3.7. The files that were downloaded were empty. I didn't investigate further to see what changed in the new Bootstrap that would produce this error.
"Installing Bootstrap.
caution: filename not matched: bootstrap-4.0.0-dist/css/bootstrap.min.css
caution: filename not matched: bootstrap-4.0.0-dist/css/bootstrap-theme.min.css
caution: filename not matched: bootstrap-4.0.0-dist/js/bootstrap.min.js
Cleaning up."
Joe Schmoe
22 February 2018, 06:02
Looks like they changed the download structure of the files. You need to change lines 22-24 in the download_bootstrap script:

< unzip -p css/bootstrap.min.css | sed 's/url(\.\./url(/g' > css/banshee/bootstrap.css
< unzip -p css/bootstrap-theme.min.css > css/banshee/bootstrap-theme.css
< unzip -p js/bootstrap.min.js > js/banshee/bootstrap.js
> unzip -p bootstrap-${version}-dist/css/bootstrap.min.css | sed 's/url(\.\./url(/g' > css/banshee/bootstrap.css
> unzip -p bootstrap-${version}-dist/css/bootstrap-theme.min.css > css/banshee/bootstrap-theme.css
> unzip -p bootstrap-${version}-dist/js/bootstrap.min.js > js/banshee/bootstrap.js
Hugo Leisink
22 February 2018, 22:13
Bootstrap v4 is not supported yet. Something for a next release.
5 March 2018, 02:41
The bootstrap-theme.min.css is not longer exist in Bootstrap v4.0.0 and it is empty in Banshee.

The boostrap.css is empty in Banshee. So, you are not required to change anything there.

It is a piece of cake to install bootstrap.min.js manually :

sudo apt install unzip



sudo mv /var/www/banshee/public/js/banshee/bootstrap.js /var/www/banshee/public/js/banshee/bootstrap.js-v3.3.7

sudo cp js/bootstrap.min.js /var/www/banshee/public/js/banshee/bootstrap.js

sudo reboot

That's all!
Hugo Leisink
6 March 2018, 20:51
Not quite. The bootstrap.css in Banshee is definitely not empty. Replacing the .css and .js files causes issues with the menu.
Hugo Leisink
6 March 2018, 22:34
Hmm, I've looked at Bootstrap v4's new design. I don't like it at all...
7 March 2018, 17:25
I use bootstrap.min.js v4.0.0 but use bootstrap.css and bootstrap-theme.css v3.3.7 without problem. The vulnerability of bootstrap.min.js v3.3.7 is fixed by this setup.